Peace and Social Action

First Day Energy Fast

From the Energy Fast Pledge Form (PDF) :

From the core of Friends' tradition, we seek to live "in virtue of that life and power htat takes away the occasion of all wars." We therefore seek to reduce our resource use until it better represents our fair share of that avilable. Our actions are deeply personal, yet we also seek to act collectively to encourage each other and enjoy magnified effects from our individual actions.

With a deep awareness of theeffect our choices have on others, members of the Peace and Social Action Committee feel led to undertake a collective "day of mindfulness" to bring a spiritual dimension to our use of limited energy resources.

Our "day of mindfulness" takes the form of a First day Energy Fast that is both personal and corporate. We have the shared commitment to limit driving on First Day to travel to and from Meeting only. We share awareness that Friends are makin individual personal commitments to reduce consumption of other resources on that day as well.

Members and Attenders of Monthly Meeting are invited to join this spiritual endeavor and we welcome you to let us know your particular actions.

The committee also developed a form for Assessing Sustainability and Setting Goals (PDF)

Peace Potluck

Perry City Friends offer a Peace PotLuck every month. We gather at our meetinghouse the first Saturday of the month at 5:30 to share a meal. At 7:00 we join in discussing a specific topic, listening to a speaker or watching a film. We strive to provide sanctuary, a safe place where people can explore what's going on in our world, and our reactions to it. All are welcome to attend.

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Last updated on January 18, 2007